Tips to increase Physical Activity

2 November, 2011 19:58 by jugos in General, Welfare

Include physical activity in your everyday life

Choose activities that you enjoy and that you can usually do. Including physical activity in your everyday routine can be easy, like a quick 10-minute walk from or to the parking lot, the bus stop or the subway. Or you can enjoy group exercise classes. Make it interesting and try different things in different days. The most important thing is to keep yourself active most days of the week and make it part of your everyday routine. For instance, in order to achieve the objective of 30 minutes a day, you can walk your dog 10 minutes before and after work and then add a 10-minute walk at lunch time. Or you can swim three times a week and take yoga lessons the rest of the days. Make sure you do, at least, 10 minutes of physical activity each time, since shorter periods are not as beneficial for your health. In order to be always ready, keep comfortable clothes and running shoes in your car and in your office.

More ways of increasing physical activity

At home:
  • Join a walking exercise group in your neighborhood. Do it with a partner in order to be more encouraged and supported.
  • Walk the baby in a baby carriage.
  • Make the whole family take part: enjoy a bike ride with your children in the afternoon.
  • Walk up and down the soccer or softball field while you watch your children play.
  • Walk the dog, don’t just watch it while it walks.
  • Clean your house or wash your car.
  • Walk, skateboard or ride your bike more and drive your car less.
  • Do exercise, stretch your muscles or ride an exercise bike while you watch TV.
  • Mow the lawn with a manual machine.
  • Plant and take care of a garden of vegetables or flowers.
  • Play with the children: roll around the leaves, make a snow man, play in the puddles or dance your favorite music.
At work:
  • Get off the bus or subway one stop before yours and walk or skateboard the rest of the way.
  • Replace a coffee break with a quick 10-minute walk. Ask a friend to go with you.
  • Join an exercise program at work or at a nearby gym.
  • Join the softball or bowling team in your office.
In your free time:
  • Walk, jog, skateboard or ride your bike.
  • Swim or do aerobics in the water.
  • Practice sports; take martial arts, dancing or yoga lessons.
  • Golf (push the trolley or carry the clubs).
  • Go canoeing, kayaking or rowing.
  • Play racquetball, tennis or squash.
  • Ski downhill or walk with skis.
  • Play basketball, softball or soccer.
  • Ride a wheelchair or practice sports with wheelchairs.
  • Go for a walk in the open air.
  • Most importantly: have fun while you are active!

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