Environmentally responsible packages

25 October, 2011 19:53 by jugos in Environment, General

By buying BIG C juices, you are taking care of the environment. BIG C packages have the FSC certification, because we work together with Tetra Pak taking into account both the origin of paper content and its traceability.

FSC Certification
In order to obtain FSC’s stamp, a Tetra Pak package has to comply with FSC requirements, taking into account both the origin of paper content and its traceability.

  • FSC forest management certification: The package’s wood fiber must come from FSC certified forests and other audited sources, according to FSC’s standards.
  • FSC certification of custody chain: The product’s traceability is guaranteed from the extraction of the raw material from the woods to the moment in which the packages are printed in our factories. Each step in the supply chain must have an FSC certificate.

For the certification of the custody chain of Tetra Pak’s own operations, it has been decided to work together with the Rainforest Alliance, one of the biggest certification organizations worldwide, accredited by FSC and its partner NEPCon, which manages Rainforest Alliance’s SmartWood forest program in Europe and Russia. Rainforest Alliance is an international, non-governmental organization aimed at preserving biodiversity and guaranteeing sustainable ways of life by changing floor management practices, commercial practices and consumers’ behavior.

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